Traditional Neon Light vs LED Neon Light

Posted by on 19th Mar 2021

Neon lights are widely used in signage design, displays and billboards due to their unique features: colourful, dot-free, waterproof and bendable.Do you know the development of Neon lights?Traditional Neon LightNeon is a chemical element, which is known as one of the noble gases, that does not react with anything. This special characteristic makes neon gas be able to be used as …

Lighting in the Home Office

Posted by on 19th Feb 2021

Nowadays, working from home is very common. Whether you are doing creative work or have an online course, creating a good lighting system is not only for comfort, but also enables productivity and concentration in a working environment. Plus, a good LED lighting system can slash your energy use by up to 40%. Check out our top tips on how to create the right …

COVID-19 Level 2 Update

Posted by on 18th Feb 2021

Collection/Pick up Service Please make your order in advance, via phone, email or website. Payments are preferred to be made beforehand; however, we will have an EFTPOS machine on site that will be sanitized regularly for those who wish to pay on pick up. Please note you must use the government provided contact tracing app( for Apple or Andriod users) upon collection. When …

Interior Lighting Décor Guide - The Pendants

Posted by on 22nd Jan 2021

Just like any other element of interior décor, the trend of lighting design continues to change. Pendants are one of the most classic forms of decorative interior lighting, developing its innovation of taste and preference over generations. Whether you gravitate towards the classic art deco style or are passionate about contemporary modern trends, is the one-stop l …

How to light my home - tips of residential lighting design

Posted by on 16th Oct 2020

Light is a source that people often take for granted. It is also too often being left as an afterthought from the interior design scheme of a house. Don't let poorly lit light fixtures mark your beautiful interior down - plan your home lighting layout prior to construction!Before talking through your desired effects and requirements with your interior designer and electrician, …
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