5 Reasons why you need a Floor Lamp in your Home

Posted by on 6th Mar 2020

You may be wondering why you would need a floor lamp in your home. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of floor lamps in certain areas. Floor lamps are tall standing lamps designed to be positioned on the floor and create light downward, upward, both or outward. They usually come with an electrical cord that plugs into a wall socket, and is free standing/movable.

Floor lamps are generally positioned in a corner of a room to brighten the dark areas of the room, or near a couch/sofa to provide a soft reading light.

Different types of floor lamps:

Tower - Provides an all around soft glow for ambience

Torchiere - Provides ambient light by reflecting light off the ceiling or outward diffused by a lampshade

Arc - Provides localized light so is perfect for task lighting

1. Decorative purpose:

A floor lamp is a large enough item to add a significant impact on the look and feel of a space. It can be a principal feature, either placed in a dark corner of a room, or on the side of a couch. There is a vast variety of designs and styles to choose from, so it is a perfect chance to personalise the room and make a statement. It is recommended to choose a floor lamp that matches the style or colour of your other furniture or the design of the room. Modern choices include industrial or elegant styles with straight lines and geometric shapes.

2. Soften the lighting in the room:

A floor lamp with a shade (such as a tower), creates a soft glow of light. This can be useful when you wish to watch TV, for example and instead of having the overhead/ceiling lights on, you can turn those off and turn on your floor lamp that is positioned behind you near the wall. This will provide a soft light out of sight, so that you can enjoy your TV or downtime, without harsh lighting in your eyeline.

3. Task light for reading:

A task floor lamp that shines light downward (such as an arc lamp) provides localised light which is great as a reading light. Position it next to your couch and make sure the lamp height is adjusted so that the direct light is away from your eyeline. This will help to decrease eye strain when you are reading.

4. Enhance and brighten darker areas:

You may find that there are certain nooks in an unorthodoxly shaped room that may be darker than other areas of the room. When this occurs, the room can seem smaller than it actually is, and cause the darker area to turn into an unused space. Using floor lamp (such as a Torchiere) in this area can open up the space and create a more welcoming vibe.

5. Layering light in the room:

Consider a floor lamp an additional layer of lighting used to brighten the room. Having many layers of lighting is key to a good lighting design. Add downward focused lamps to areas where tasks will be performed, and use upward facing lamps in areas where there is less light provided by ceiling lights. In rooms where the walls are darker, an up/down lamp can be used to cast a soft light shadow along the wall to create a nice ambience.

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