How to Turn off your Lights without Leaving your Lovely Warm Bed in the Winter?

Posted by on 25th May 2018

We all know the struggles of winter and cold nights. When the time comes to hopping into your warm bed, the distance to the light switch seems ever so far. No one likes to get up from bed to turn off the lights before going to sleep. So, how do we solve this predicament?

If you have Light Bulbs:

You can use WIFI or Bluetooth controlled light bulbs. With new WIFI and Bluetooth bulbs coming out on the market, they are becoming more and more popular. With the ease of turning your bulbs on and off, or changing the colour output using a smartphone APP, they are quite handy, easy to use, and fun to play with. You can divide multiple bulbs into groups, or control all of them together. The price point for WIFI LED bulbs are generally around the $80-$130 mark, while the bluetooth controlled LED bulbs are around the $30-$60 price mark. So they are pricier than your average bulbs, but imagine sitting in bed with your smart phone and turning off the lights with the touch of your finger, without ever getting up. Ah, the life.

If you have Downlights:

Without changing your existing downlight fittings, you can use a kinetic switch to turn them on and off remotely. This new self-powered, energy harvesting technology is batteryless, which makes it very environmentally (and wallet) friendly. Bear in mind you will need an electrician to install the controller to your lighting wires. However, once it is in, there are no extra on-going costs. You can place the remote near your bed (e.g on the bedside table), and now turn the lights off from the comfort and warmth of your bed.

So no matter if you currently have downlights or bulbs, you can still weather the cold with these new-tech gadgets.

Winter is coming. Now is the time to prepare. Are you ready to battle the cold?

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