Ltech T3-CC Wireless RF Constant Voltage Controller - 3 Channel


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Brand: Ltech
Unit of Measure: item
Warranty Period: 5 year
Rated Current: 1.05 A
Power Rating: 144.9 W
No. of Output: 3
Operation Mode: Constant Current
Dimming Control: RF Signal
Output Channel: 350mA/700mA/1050mA - 3 Channel
Controller Type: Single Colour Dimming, Remote Dimming, RGB Dimming
Output Type: RF Signal
Series: Ltech T Series
Waterproof: Non-waterproof
Standards Met: CE, FCC, RCM
Input: 12V~48V
Operating Temperature: -30°C~55°C
Dimensions: Length:175mm | Width:44mm | Height:30mm | 


Wireless zone receiver for low voltage circuits. Designed for use with T1, T2 and T3 series controllers. With 3 output channels, this unit is ideal for controlling single colour, bi-colour or RGB LED Strip.

The receiver requires a low voltage input. It receives an RF control signal from a T1/2/3 controller in order to supply the correct dimming output across 3 channels. The input and output is via screw terminals on the sides of the unit.

The receiver operates on a low voltage 5~24V DC circuit, providing a PWM output, ideal for dimming LEDs.

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Ltech T3-CC Wireless RF Constant Voltage Controller - 3 Channel


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