Nordlux Wall Fold 10 Brass

7.4W, Brass, Brass

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SKU: ND-2019041035
Brand: Nordlux
Unit of Measure: item
Warranty Period: 2 year
Power Input: 230V AC
Power Rating: 7.4 W
Dimming Control: None
Driver Included: Driver Included
Finish Colour: Brass
Series: Nordlux Fold 10 Series
Material: Brass
Waterproof: IP54
Operating Temperature: -10°C~50°C
Dimensions: Height:149mm | Diameter45mm
Socket Type: LED Module
Lifetime: 50000 h
Light Source: Integrated LED
Cut-out Size: ~


Designer Maria Berntsen imagined a jewelry for the house. Grip is a result of this imagination, where the frame elegantly encircles the light source as a grip, which creates a complete and decorative entity that fits both classical and minimalistic architecture. The light shines both up and down in a beautiful graphic effect, making Grip suitable both inside and outside. The latest LED and IoT technology are integrated in the lamp, and simultaneously Grip is part of the Nordlux Smart Light range, making it possible to control the light from the mobile phone, with voice control or via Nordlux Smart Sensor. An indicator light automatically turns on when it becomes dark and fully illuminates when movement is detected. Thus, design, functionality and innovation come together in this beautiful wall lamp. This lamp is a 10 cm wide miniature version of our traditional Fold lamp which creates new applications. Use Fold in brass as orientation light at the lower part of the wall or as a beautiful illuminating piece of art in the bathroom or hallway. Brass is a durable material, making the lamp suitable for coastal areas.

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Nordlux Wall Fold 10 Brass

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