PDL 681VH, 1 Gang Grid - Cover Plate Only - White

1M, Pc, White
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Brand: PDL
Unit of Measure: item
Warranty Period: 3 year
Finish Colour: White
Series: PDL Cover
Material: Plastic
Waterproof: Non-waterproof
Dimensions: Length:30mm | Width:74mm | Height:118mm | 
Mounting: Clamp Mounted
Number of Horizontal Modules: 0
Number of Vertical Modules: 1
Number of Modules: 1
Mounting Direction: Horizontal and Vertical
Module Type: Cover Plate
Shape: Rectangle 1M


Checkout 'Accessories' Tab Above for options of Switch Modules PDL 681VH is 1 Gang grid come with cover plate only. Your choice of any modules can be ordered separately. . PDL 600 Series were designed and engineered locally in Christchurch, taking into account the specific needs of New Zealand and Australian homes and building. . This 600 Series switches uses grid plates that allow up to 6 switch modules to be installed on each plate and are complete with a high quality plastic cover plate which conceals all fixings. . The switch modules are front mounted for safety, they cannot be pushed backwards into the wall box accidentally. . The plastics used in 600 Series are recyclable so once no longer required, need not place a burden on our landfills.

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PDL 681VH, 1 Gang Grid - Cover Plate Only - White

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