PDL Iconic 1 Vertical Switched Socket -AC - 10A - Cool Grey

10A, 250V, Pc, Cool_grey
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Brand: PDL
Unit of Measure: item
Warranty Period: 3 year
Rated Current: 10 A
Frequency: 50 Hz
Finish Colour: Cool Grey
AC Plug Type: New Zealand Plug
Series: PDL Socket
Material: Plastic
Waterproof: Non-waterproof
Dimensions: Length:36mm | Width:78mm | Height:120mm | 
Number of Modules: 1
Module Type: Socket Module
Module Size: 1


PDL 391-CY is a single switched socket comes with: 1 x Single Vertical Switched Socket Grid Only (PDL 391G) 1 x Single Vertical Socket Skin Only (PDL 391C-CY) PDL Iconic™ is a modern electrical accessories range, based on a slim, sleek, clean design that is easy to customize and blends in perfectly with any environment. PDL 391 is a socket with a difference, it features adaptable skins to change functionality at time of install, or in the future. . Translucent edges allow the skin to infuse with the wall color . Slim 9mm profile blends in with the décor . Green indicator so you know when it is switched on . Wide space between sockets so it’s easy to fit larger plugs . A soft touch matte finish for a premium look and feel . Clear markings for easy amperage identification Skin can be changed by the end-user at any time . Metal plate for additional robustness . All sockets come with internal shutters providing additional protection . Safety message on the protective flaps clearly indicate they should only be opened by certified electricians.

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PDL Iconic 1 Vertical Switched Socket -AC - 10A - Cool Grey


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